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Unlock the Joy of Giving: Meaningful Gifts and Stress-Free Holidays

With the start of December, the Holiday Season officially starts. While twinkly lights bring pleasure to some, others associate this time of year only with stress and loneliness. This season brings full calendars, many gatherings, and the financial pressure to buy everyone good presents. Why is there such pressure on gifting and what qualifies a "good gift"?

A good gift is something you cannot or would not buy for yourself

For most of us, gifts were a deeply special part of our childhoods. We could hardly wait for those occasions, when we would receive presents. We depended on them and their content(s) either brought great joy or sorrow. This relationship with gifts continues to live in our hearts and minds.

This year, with economic pressures, inflation and many other uncertainties, for many selecting a gift is even more challenging. And yet, we do not wish to disappoint the people we love. Because our inner child would be deeply hurt too, if we did not get a present (as a child).

What is a Good Gift?

A good gift is something you cannot or would not buy for yourself. Here the issue begins. As children, we relied on a toy or sweets as a gift, because it was the only way we could receive a material desire from the world around us. But as adults, we now have command over our own money. Anything our friends are eager to have, they either will buy for themselves or we are unable to afford to buy it for them either.

Please, do not gift another body scrub or pair of socks. You can do better. Especially, because the greatest gift you can give, cannot be bought from any store.

Holiday presents piled high under the tree
Holiday presents piled high under the tree.

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift we can give our loved ones, is a commodity that is very precious and the most limited resource. It is what every child grows up begging their parents for and every person truly desires from their friends and loved ones.

No, not gold or diamonds. And it will ensure you have meaningful, stress-free holiday gifts for all.

The greatest gift you can give is quality time.

We all only have very limited time and when we make the conscious choice to share some of this precious time we have with each other for the simple fact of enjoying each other's company, this is the greatest gift you can give. Listening, connecting, caring - being truly present and connected with the person you are spending time with. We all crave connection, kindness and interest. We all crave someone to tell us that we are doing well and that they are here for us, whenever we need them.

Spare your wallet this year. Gift time of yourself to your adult friends. If you wish to go further, personalise the gift of time, by offering to join in on a task that your friend has long put off.

You could offer to help clear out that cupboard or storage space they are always complaining about being too full. Combine that with a heartfelt talk while you are it. The stories that are shared while finding lost forgotten treasures are deeply meaningful.

Or get a nice fresh herbal tea mix and give it to your girlfriend or sister. Mark time in your calendar and really reconnect. Leave your phones outside, meet at one of your homes and really reconnect with each other.

I strongly encourage you to gift time and connection to your loved ones, because we are all a little lonely and disconnected.

Still looking for something more?

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Happy Holidays and much love,


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